Shipping Tips

When you are ready to ship your precious cargo across the city, state or country, there are things you should consider to make your move efficient, safe and headache free.  Here are some tips to help.

  • Shop around.  Make sure your are choosing the right shipping company for your specific needs.

  • Check your carrier's insurance.  CheapShot Auto Movers will always provide you with the carrier's liability coverage information so you can breathe easy.

  • Choose a realistic timeline.  You should plan your move in advance, maybe weeks ahead of time.  Your carrier will provide you with an estimated time of pick up and delivery.  They will do their best to meet your needs.  However, since unforeseen delays can occur, schedules cannot be guaranteed.

  • Choose safe and reliable pick-up and delivery locations. Communicate with your carrier so they will understand how and where your vehicle will be loaded and unloaded.  Some can provide door-to-door service, depending on if the truck and trailer can navigate to you.  Some streets and roadways may be inaccessible for the truck, so you may need to agree upon a mutually acceptable location.

  • Take everything out of your vehicle.  Make sure to empty your car of all personal items before shipment.  The carrier will not be liable for items left in the vehicle and will not compensate for any lost or damaged items.   Also, the extra items could impede safety by increasing the weight of the vehicle or blocking view during loading and unloading.  Additional fees may apply due to personal items in the vehicle.

  • Do not ship vehicle with a full tank of gas.  For safety reasons, you should only have about one quarter of a tank of gas in the vehicle.

  • Inspect your vehicle.  We recommend shipping a clean vehicle to ease inspection.  Before shipping and upon delivery, always examine your vehicle and take pictures to ensure no damage has occurred.  You will be asked to sign the Bill of Lading confirming your approval of the shipment, at that point removing any liability from the carrier for any issues.

  • For Shipping RV's.  Remove and securely pack items that may become loose.  Tightly close all doors, windows and tape or tie any that may come open during transport.  Turn off and disconnect any power supplies or gas lines. Make sure the tow hitch is in good condition and installed properly.